28 May 2013

Input Validation in Galaxy

Input Validation in Galaxy

Just wanted to share, Galaxy has nice input validation features, i.e. the following code generates the following error:

And if more complicated validation is required, you can use validation hook :

And the code file should have the following function:

def validate_input( trans, error_map, param_values, page_param_map ):

To display an error message for particular parameter, set:

error_map['param_name'] = "Some message"

And if you print anything in validate_input(), you get the “Log messages” window in Galaxy UI:

7 May 2013

We are at the ICCR 2013

Meet us at the International Conference on the Use of Computers in Radiation Therapy (ICCR2013) which is held in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (6-9 May 2013). The conference has many interesting themes, including: dose calculation methods, analysis/evaluation of 3D distributions, Monte Carlo modelling, verification imaging including CBCT, segmentation, data mining, image registration, imaging for planning including functional, etc. We display our poster entitled Cloud-Based Workflows Tools Supporting Medical Imaging in the Segmentation section, and here is the link. We are currently in the phase of accepting new pilot users. If you are interested please send us e-mail.